Yarra Valley Drone

Yarra Valley Drone- Why Choose Aerial Photography?

Mel is owner of Yarra Valley Drone and understands the benefits of using Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (drones). Aerial photography by use of a drone is a convenient way of capturing valuable videos and photos of both commercial and domestic properties and businesses.

It offers more valuable information, attracting more attention from potential clients and visitors. Through creativity and new perspectives, aerial photography enables an establishment to stand out from the crowd.

The ordinary camera cannot capture all features and angles of one given property. Important features, such as the layout of the land or the surrounding views, are missed. Drone photography covers all angles that were known to be unreachable.

Basic Drone Manoeuvres

High Shots: these shots showcase the entire property and land, a real ‘bird’s eye’ view.

Medium Shots: Great for capturing all angles of a house, revealing its layout and special features.

Low Elevated Shots: Unique shots taken from a slightly raised angle, perfect for a wider perspective.

Dramatic Sweeping Shots: Ideal for both photos and video. Sweeping shots are creative and can capture specific shots of particular features of a property. Ideal for revealing front/back of house and property. Generally a left-to-right type motion.

Start In, Move Out: This keeps viewers in suspense! Start at close range to house, such as front door or a balcony. Slowly pan out and up to reveal whole house and land.

Drone photography creates more dramatic, compelling images, ideal for promoting any business or property.